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Fishing in Perthshire Fishing in Perthshire Fishing in Perthshire Fishing in Perthshire Fishing in Perthshire Fishing in Perthshire Fishing in Perthshire

Fishing in Perthshire

Fishing Holidays in Scotland

Fishing in Perthshire

Perthshire is dominated by the Tay, one of the principal salmon rivers in Europe. This vast river system rises on the watershed of Ben Lui, just outside the westernmost point of the county. On its 119 mile course to the sea, the Tay is fed by the major lochs of Rannoch, Tummel and Tay and joined by many tributaries including the rivers of Garry, Tilt, Tummel, Ericht, Isla, Lyon, Braan and Almond. Just above Perth, the Tay meets the first tidal influence and a few miles downstream in the upper reaches of the Firth of Tay it is joined by the River Earn which, originating in western Perthshire, drains the wide and fertile valley of Strathearn.

Situated just off the A822 'Sma Glen Road you can see fish jumping at nearby Buchanty where the river Almond flows through a gorge called Buchanty Spout . It is a great place to watch salmon ascending the falls.

Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder
Each year between April and October an average of 5,400 salmon fight their way upstream from Atlantic feeding grounds to spawn in the upper reaches of the River Tummel. They must by-pass the Hydro-Electric dam at Pitlochry by travelling through the interconnected pools that form the Pitlochry "fish ladder" up and around the dam. Three resting pools provide patches of slack water for a break in the struggle against the current.

The River Tay, situated right in the geographic centre of Scotland, is the largest river in Britain. Two of its branches, the Dochart and the Tummel rise only miles from the the heads of lochs Fyne and Etive on Scotland's west coast and travel over 100 miles to empty into the North Sea at Dundee on Scotland's east coast. The river and its many large tributaries drain an area of 3,000 square miles giving an average flow of about 200 cubic metres per second, the greatest flow of any river in the country. FishTay the definitive guide to fishing on the Tay.

All types of fishing are widely available and affordable in Perthshire including Salmon and Trout fishing on the River Tay and tributaries such as the Ericht, Isla, Garry, Tilt, Tummel, Lyon, Earn and Almond.

If you would like to go fishing while you are on holiday, here are some choices to consider.

Salmon and Tea Trout - the official season for salmon on the two main river systems in Perthshire are:
Tay River System : 15th January to 15th October
Earn River System : 1st February to 31st october
The main runs of salmon in the Tay and Earn occur during January to May and from late August to October, subject to water conditions, and there is a run of grilse during June and July.

Brown and Rainbow Trout - The statutory season for brown trout is from 15th March to 6th October, thought there may be restrictions on some waters within this period. Rainbow trout have no statutory close season but most fisheries generally operate within the April to September period. Generally for brown trout, late Spring-early Summer and september are the best times to fish.

Coarse Fish - There is no statutory close season for grayling or coarse fish in Scotland but as most species are spawning from late April to early June they are at thier best during the late Summer, Autumn and Winter months.



Fantastic Facts about Scotland

  • Mary Queen of Scots played billiards. First recorded order by Louis XI in 1470. After she was executed, her body was wrapped in a billiard cloth
  • 1300s Scottish soldiers noted for ability to march longer than others because they made their own oatcakes
  • Bagpipes imported from Rome 2000 years ago by Roman army
  • Toilet, 5000 Skara Brae reckoned to use drainage system to flush into the sea. Alexander Cummings invented flushing toilet
  • Auld Lang Syne sung for 150 years before Burns sent a copy for print to the Scots Musical Museum that he had taken down from an old man.
  • Lawnmower invented in Scotland
  • Shortbread known from 12C but generally thought to have been refined use and name credited to Mary Queen of Scots 16C. Petticoat tails
  • Black bun fruitcake covered with pastry. Origins Scottish was eaten at Twelfth Night but now associated with Hogmanay
  • Scotland's first. Licensed distillery Glenlivet in 1823
  • Scotland's only 2-star Michelin restaurant, Andrew Fairlie at the Gleneagles Hotel
  • Golf. Modern game reckoned to date from 15C in Scotland. Much debate about an earlier game. The Old Course St Andrews date to per 1574, seen as a place of pilgrimage. Links course. How many people around the world have had their photographs taken on the Swilken Bridge?
  • Ice skating began in Scotland. Primitive ice skates of bone and antler used by Scandinavian hunters as early as300 AD. 1572 first all-iron skates manufactured in Scotland. Speed skating was first form of skating sport. First skate Club in Edinburgh 1742

Distances from Perth

Distances from Perth

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